Stress Reduction

As a form of ‘moving meditation’, it works by strengthening the relationship between the mind and body.

One of the most pleasant results of practicing T’ai Chi is its effect on the mind. Most of us live steeped in stress, and over time the mind can become habituated to reacting anxiously. Eventually some may find that they can’t relax, even when there is no crisis.

T'ai Chi's movements are designed to improve the mind's awareness of the body
T’ai Chi’s movements are designed to improve awareness of the body
Meditative practices can be wonderfully effective, but closing the eyes to calm the mind after a stressful day can sometimes simply bring up images of all the things left to do!

For many, T’ai Chi offers a happy medium. Practicing T’ai Chi naturally relaxes the mind as it feels the grounding effect of reconnecting to the feet, the legs and the rest of the body.

The movements are practiced in a gentle way, which helps to break the chronic patterns of stressful thinking and action which are so common in modern life. You might find that you move through your day differently. (Eventually even opening your car door can become a ‘meditative motion’!)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles ... is easier on our dojo's bamboo floor
The Journey of a Thousand Miles … is easier on our dojo’s bamboo floor