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Monthly Pass Online Class Option

Until we are able to resume normal dojo classes, CTCC is offering online classes via Zoom. A $75 pass allows you unlimited attendance during the month, and a $50 pass allows you one class per week. A variety of class levels and times are available.

Passes for the month of August are now available. (Note: passes are for the calendar month and cannot be prorated for partial month periods.) Once you have purchased your pass, you will receive an email with instructions for joining these Zoom classes.

Sending out the Zoom class invitations is a manual process. Please allow 24 hours between payment and the time of the first class you would like to attend.

If you are not a CTCC student but might be interested in taking a free, online introductory T’ai Chi class, please contact registrar@charlottesvilletaichi.org for more information.
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About Us

The Charlottesville T’ai Chi Center offers training in the Cheng-Ming System as taught by Great Grandmaster Wang Shu-Jin.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan) is a martial art characterized by soft, slow flowing movements of the torso and arms coordinated with weight shifts and steps.

It emphasizes relaxation, and is a form of mindfulness meditation in motion. The benefits of T’ai Chi Ch’uan include improved balance, muscle tone and stress reduction. (Find out more…)

Teaching philosophy: These arts can best be passed down in a teacher-to-student relationship. We provide one-on-one instruction to all students. Classes are ongoing and students can start any time, and proceed at their own pace.

Mission: Charlottesville T’ai Chi Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and promoting the health benefits and art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in the Charlottesville community.

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