Student Resources

This section is for current CTCC students. Please see the links on the right or below for helpful information about your practice.



  • Six-Steps to Compassion
  • Standing Meditation, 1st Set (5)
  • 14-Step T’ai Chi
  • Steps 15-33 of 100-Step T’ai Chi
  • Indoor/Inroom Ceremony Feb 2022
  • Raking at the Morven Japanese Garden

Recommended Reading:

  • Drawing Silk, Paul Gallagher
  • T’ai Chi – Health for Life, Bruce K. Frantzis
  • Taijiquan – The Art of Nurturing, the Science of Power, Yang Yang
  • The Dao of Taijiquan – Way to Rejuvenation, Jou, Tsung-Hwa
  • The Harvard Medical School Guide to T’ai Chi, Peter M. Wayne, PhD
  • The T’ai Chi Book, Robert Chuckrow
  • Harnessing the Power of the Universe, Daniel Reid
  • Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body, Bruce K. Frantzis
  • The Root of Chinese Qigong, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
  • The Way of Energy, Lam Kam Chuen
  • The Way of Qigong, Kenneth S. Cohen
  • Warriors of Stillness, Volume 1 & 2, Jan Diepersloot
  • Essential Anatomy for Healing & Martial Arts, Marc Tedeschi
  • I Ching (Book of Changes)
  • Meditation and the Martial Arts, Michael L. Raposa
  • Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing), Lao Tze
  • The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi
  • The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi, Bruce K. Frantzis
  • Ways of Heaven: An Introduction to Chinese Thought, Roel Sterckx

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