CTCC Scholarship Program

The CTCC scholarship is awarded through class cards. Each class card is for 12 classes (the equivalent of $165) over a three-month period. The maximum scholarship is for 36 sessions (three class cards), and the expectation is that a card will run the length of a semester.

>> Download CTCC Scholarship Application here

The fall semester runs from September-November, the winter semester runs from December-February, and the spring semester runs from March to May. It is preferable that scholarship recipients take one class per week. Both children and adults are eligible to apply. Recipients are also eligible to attend group practice.

There are two kinds of scholarship: full support and partial support. Those who receive partial support must pay at least $40 toward each class card and are encouraged to pay more if they are able. Funds for the scholarship come from donors and from CTCC’s general revenue.

There can be no more than two scholarships offered within the same time period. If there is a scholarship available, candidates are invited to submit their applications. Thus far, potential candidates are identified through word-of-mouth, primarily through instructors or other members of the dojo. Once an application has been submitted, the scholarship committee interviews the candidate and decides within two weeks whether to award a scholarship. Optimally, two candidates would be interviewed for each of the two slots (children and adult), and they would come to a free class to see if T’ai Chi is something they would enjoy.

Once a scholarship is awarded, the recipient will start with one class card. The recipient is responsible for picking an instructor, determining his or her class schedule, and setting a start date. Members of the scholarship committee will check with the recipient’s instructor at the end of the first card to gauge the ongoing level of commitment of the recipient. The committee may authorize up to two more class cards. No recipients will receive more than three class cards.

If a recipient misses two classes in a row without notifying the instructor, the instructor will contact the committee. A committee member will then contact the recipient to determine how to proceed.

When a scholarship comes to an end, committee members will meet with the recipient to encourage the person to continue. If appropriate, the recipient may be offered a 50 percent discount on classes in purchasing up to two class cards.