Prerequisite:  Cheng-Ming T’ai Chi Form

Hsing-I translates as “Form and Mind.” Ch’uan literally means “fist.’ It is a martial art in which the internal intention controls the external form of the movement. The boxing form given shape by thought – the name indicates a great unity of thought and action.

The heart of Hsing-I is training in the “Five Element Fists” derived from the Chinese Medicine of the Five Elements Theory that make up the human body and the universe and their interactions with each other. Movement in Hsing-I is basically linear and uses mostly vertical strength and the fists. The body is totally relaxed yet ready to strike as fast as lightning. It is an effective fighting style which is used as a foundation for training “fa-jing” or expressed force. Excellent for improving coordination, maintaining focus, strengthening, and toning muscles.

Master Wang Fu-Lai Demonstrates Hsing-I The five elements and techniques are:

  1. Metal            Pi Ch’uan                        Splitting
  2. Water           Zhuan Ch’uan                Drilling
  3. Wood           Beng Ch’uan                   Crushing
  4. Fire               Pao Ch’uan                     Pounding
  5. Earth            Heng Ch’uan                  Crossing

Although the Five Elements appears simple compared to the T’ai Chi sequence, students soon realize the complexity in each fist and focus on developing conditioning and coordination. Physically performing the Five Elements has many levels and requires constant training in order to develop all the finer nuances and ultimately have the ability to fa-jing.

Training in Hsing-I continues with forms and then later the Twelve Animal Fist Set. Each animal represents a particular quality of movement. Working on the Twelve Animals trains the student in all types of movement necessary for martial arts.

Students start with the Five Element Fists, Empty Hand Forms, the Twelve Animals and weapons (short stick, sword, staff, spear and saber) training.

Children and adolescents can start with Hsing-I. It helps channel their excess energy while helping them to develop confidence, cultivate calm, and achieve a disciplined mind.

Adults who would like to work on more cardiovascular and weight management can start with Hsing-I.

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