Cheng-Ming Martial Arts

Master Wang Fu-Lai demonstrates the 99-Step Tai Chi formExperience a complete system of martial arts, integrating all three internal styles, that was developed by Great Grandmaster Wang Shu-Jin, transmitted directly to current Grandmaster Wang Fu-Lai, and, through him, to Hiromi Johnson, head instructor of Cheng-Ming Association, East Coast. Students of Cheng-Ming progress systematically through the curriculum and enjoy personal correction of their form by Grand-master Wang Fu-Lai during his semi-annual visits to our dojo.

Our teaching philosophy: These arts can best be passed down in a teacher-to-student relationship. We provide one-on-one instruction to all students. Classes are ongoing and students can start any time, and proceed at their own pace.

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Classes at the Charlottesville T’ai Chi Center are ongoing. You can start any time.To find out more about registering for classes, please visit the Fees and Policies page.

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