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The Cheng-Ming Martial Arts System is a complete martial art system. It integrates all three internal styles developed and passed down by Great Grandmaster Wang Shu-Jin — T’ai Chi, Hsing-I and Ba Gua, as well as the Ch’i Kung Standing Meditations.

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Monthly Pass Online Class Option

Until we are able to resume normal dojo classes, CTCC is offering online classes via Zoom. A $75 pass allows you unlimited attendance during the month, and a $50 pass allows you one class per week. A variety of class levels and times are available.

Passes for the month of August are now available. (Note: passes are for the calendar month and cannot be prorated for partial month periods.) Once you have purchased your pass, you will receive an email with instructions for joining these Zoom classes.

Sending out the Zoom class invitations is a manual process. Please allow 24 hours between payment and the time of the first class you would like to attend.

If you are not a CTCC student but might be interested in taking a free, online introductory T’ai Chi class, please contact for more information.

Monthly Online Pass
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Registration Information

For information about fees, policies, registration and the holiday schedule, please visit our Fees and Policies page. Click here to download a registration form.

Online Payments

Students may pay their tuition on this website through PayPal. Gift certificates and payments for special events such as workshops may also be made through this website. Browse to the Online Payments page for more information.

CCTC Enrichment Programs

CTC Enrichment Programs provide classes focusing on At-Risk and Seniors. To learn more, please visit our Enrichment Program page.

Specialized/Advanced Lessons

More personalized and specialized lessons are available by appointment. Find out more on the Fees and Policies page..