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World Tai Chi Day 2021

World T’ai Chi Day is an annual free event where participants around the globe practice T’ai Chi at 10 a.m. (local time) on the last Saturday of April.

We will gather under the Charlottesville Waldorf School Pavilion 9:45 a.m. to warm up and then start the 100-Step T’ai Chi form, followed by Qi Gong, Hsing I and Ba Gua walking.


9:45am Gather
10:00 – 11:00 Warm-ups and 100-step T’ai Chi form
11:00 – 11:30 Qi Gong, Hsing I and Ba Gua walking
  • large covered pavilion with open sides
  • accessible
  • parking available behind the buildings
  • restrooms available
  • masks required
  • social distancing will be practiced and other Covid protocols
  • all are welcome and encouraged to come and participate
  • invite friends and family

If you are interested in trying T’ai Chi, please join us for this free chance to experience the relaxing flow of chi through your body!

World T’ai Chi Day

Place: Charlottesville Waldorf School Pavilion
Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021
Time: 9:45 a.m. – 11:30
Cost: FREE

Taiwan 2019 – Reflections by Josh Lowry

The problem with the task of writing a brief reflection on the CTCC trip to Taiwan is
deciding what experiences make the cut. There is a desire to include every detail.
How could we leave out encounters with robots in Korea? The Rainbow Village. The
stunts our cabbies were pulling flying down the highway over 90 mph with a death
wish and us in tow. The food mosh pit carnival light show sensory explosion
madness, that is the Taichung night market. The best damn breakfast buffet in the
East at the Evergreen Laurel hotel. Those memories and more won’t soon be
forgotten, but what will stay with me are the relationships formed and the chance to
really immerse myself in training for the first time. Continue reading

2 Weeks Free May – June at CTCC

Now is the time to begin!

Interested in trying T’ai Chi? With this special offer, new students can attend T’ai Chi classes free!

If you’ve never taken classes at CTCC before, you are eligible for up to two free consecutive weeks of unlimited T’ai Chi classes at CTCC between May 1 and June 30, 2019!

Please note that we validate for two hours of free parking at the Water Street garage.

  1. Check out the CTCC schedule to choose the classes you would like to attend. Our T’ai Chi classes are highlighted in green.
  2. Download, print and fill out the Registration Form below and bring it to your first class — or just fill out one at CTCC when you arrive.
  3. Review the “Dojo Code” below for further information (e.g. what to wear).
  4. Feel free to email any questions to or call (877) 880-2479.
  5. Check out the links on the right for more information about T’ai Chi and CTCC.

>> See the weekly Charlottesville T’ai Chi Center schedule here

>> Download the Registration Form here

>> Download the Dojo Code (information about what to wear and the Dojo guidelines) here

Taiwan 2019 – Monday

Grandmaster’s dojo is about 45 minutes outside of Taichung in a township called Caotun and on Monday we had the wonderful opportunity to train with him here. There are several training spaces, some indoor and one larger outdoor space connected to the building. The outdoor space is where we practiced after having tea together. The sides are open but it is covered by a metal awning which provides a very nice soundtrack when it rains, which it did several times while we were practicing. (Grandmaster said that this is his favorite training music.) Grandmaster seemed very happy to host us at his dojo and it was a special treat to get to see him in his element. Continue reading

Taiwan 2019 – Sunday

This morning we had the final awards ceremony and participants also had the opportunity to speak about their experiences during the weekend. The Cheng Ming family stretches across numerous continents and countries and Master Eric from Texas and Master Hiromi were both called upon to do a lot of translating. It was great to see the international reach of our organization. Master Huang gave the following speech about the tournament. Continue reading

Taiwan 2019 – Saturday

We were up early and on the racquetball courts again at 6 a.m. to go over our group demonstration forms, Tai Chi, Hsing I five elements and Hsing-I animals. We had a good run through and then all went up to the breakfast buffet.

We got on the bus and left at 8 once again for the competition location. Several Cheng Ming organization administrators and local politicians had arrived for today’s opening ceremony, and we all listened to several speeches. There was also a performance by a local high school symphony with Chinese instruments which was extremely impressive. There were both solo and orchestra selections. Continue reading

Taiwan 2019 – Friday

Today was the first day of the competition and included a series of individual forms. (The group forms are tomorrow.) We met at 6am on one of the racquetball courts in the hotel to run through the forms we had prepared and then enjoyed another amazing breakfast buffet. We climbed on a bus about 8am and were driven to the competition site, a large elementary school gym about 45 minutes from the hotel.

After the welcoming ceremony, empty hand Hsing-I forms were performed first. It was exciting and helpful to see the other schools perform so many of the familiar Cheng Ming forms. Continue reading

Taiwan 2019 – Thursday

We were downstairs in the hotel lobby at 6 a.m. to walk to a nearby park and ended up practicing in a beautiful botanical garden, surrounded by lush trees and exotic birds, as well as a number of other Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioners. We all did the 100-step form together, and then worked on our Hsing-I and individual demonstration forms.

On the way back, we stopped by another pebble foot massage spot filled with upturned smooth stones in concrete and gained additional information about the bottoms of our feet. These stones didn’t stick up as far as the ones in Taipei which was fine with several of us. Continue reading

Taiwan 2019 – Wednesday

The adventure begins! Most of us arrived on Tuesday, and there was time for some sightseeing before dinner, including the famous Lung-Shan Temple. By 7pm we had all checked into the Sunrise Business Hotel in downtown Taipei, which is only a short walk from the main train station. It’s the same hotel that several of us stayed at back in 2012 before the last celebration. Several bags took alternative routes to Taiwan, but eventually everyone was reunited with their luggage. There was talk of heading to the Night Market, but by 8:30 dinner was done and everyone was ready to head towards bed. Continue reading