Taiwan 2019 – Reflections by Josh Lowry

The problem with the task of writing a brief reflection on the CTCC trip to Taiwan is
deciding what experiences make the cut. There is a desire to include every detail.
How could we leave out encounters with robots in Korea? The Rainbow Village. The
stunts our cabbies were pulling flying down the highway over 90 mph with a death
wish and us in tow. The food mosh pit carnival light show sensory explosion
madness, that is the Taichung night market. The best damn breakfast buffet in the
East at the Evergreen Laurel hotel. Those memories and more won’t soon be
forgotten, but what will stay with me are the relationships formed and the chance to
really immerse myself in training for the first time.

We all spent tons of time training together in preparation for the trip. This made it
clear to me how much more energy I need to devote to practice in general. With
every little improvement we make you see how much farther the path ahead is. And
one side effect of all the extra practice is how happy my body felt!
Once everyone arrived in Taichung it didn’t take long for friendships to form. Our
brothers and sisters from Nova, Texas, L.A., Japan, Australia, Italy, France and
elsewhere were a joy to meet.  Several long days of demonstrations, breakfasts,
banquet dinners, night market trips and our shared tradition bonded us in a
wonderful way. Now that I’m back home it is a comfort to know that people all over
the world are struggling through the same forms we are. We just occupy our tiny
little corner of the Chen Ming universe.
The best news perhaps is that the things that were so special about the trip to
Taiwan will continue. The rewards of hard practice with an amazing community of
friends can be experienced by all of us right here at CTCC. And I hope to be training
with all of you for years to come. Thanks!