Taiwan 2019 – Sunday

This morning we had the final awards ceremony and participants also had the opportunity to speak about their experiences during the weekend. The Cheng Ming family stretches across numerous continents and countries and Master Eric from Texas and Master Hiromi were both called upon to do a lot of translating. It was great to see the international reach of our organization. Master Huang gave the following speech about the tournament.

2019 China Martial Arts International Cheng-Ming General International Invitational Tournament
President Huang Su Chun Closing Speech

Founding President, distinguished guests, and everyone – Good Morning! During the two-day competition, under the strict judging of the referees, we witnessed a very focused and dedicated group of Cheng Ming practitioners, and you all performed your best to present what you have learned. It is clear that everyone has trained very hard!

With the 70th anniversary of the teaching of the Great Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin in Taiwan, I invite you all from different countries, together as we gather here, to refresh, commemorate, and appreciate his generous teachings. At the same time, I wish that you all will continue to work hard, not to slow down, and that each of you can become a pillar of the Cheng Ming Zhong Nan School.

This time, with each tournament participant, with all the medals and awards won, there were no champions or runners-up to first place or second place. Why? you may ask… The purpose of this invitational tournament is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the comprehensive teachings of the Great Grandmaster Wang … so we now let him to assess the results! Each student is an important seed of our school. Through his Master’s painstaking cultivation and strict training, and after the accumulation of his perennial teachings, the seeds sprout and slowly grow stronger. As time passes, the achievers become the pillars of our school!

There is a famous saying in China: Mt. Taishan does not pick the soil so it can become a big mountain; the river and the sea do not choose to trickle so they can become a deep sea. This is more than a metaphor for Mt. Taishan. This emphasizes that over time, no tiny amount of mud goes without notice, so through time and accumulation, it will become a mountain that stands tall. The sea does not deny the water that the small rivers bring, and thus it also embraces the water from the thousands of rivers and lakes to eventually become vast sea. Every step and effort will build a lasting result!

Great Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin taught students with vast backgrounds; he was open minded and cherished every student that worked hard to train and practice the way of our martial art. I hope that everyone will work together to promote Cheng Ming Zhong Nan martial art and Wude (martial arts morality); and share our lineage with others to spread this valuable system for the benefit of all those who can experience it. Thanks to you all again for participating in this special tournament, as well as our support teams. Finally, we wish everyone good progress in training, and prospering from our valuable lineage.
All the best!
President Huang Shuchun
閉幕英文版 – 黃正茂翻譯,Ron 潤飾

There was an indoor ceremony for one of the Japanese members, and afterwards we had lunch and visited with each other. We were able to take in a few sights in the afternoon at a nearby craft museum before heading to the Cheng Ming board meeting where reports were given from every school about progress in spreading Great Grandmaster’s system. It was inspiring and helpful to hear what the other schools are doing to expand and grow.

We had a great final dinner together and then said our goodbyes to many who were leaving that evening or the next morning. We piled on the buses and headed back to the hotel. A great final day for the tournament, but looking forward to an exiting tomorrow at Grandmaster’s dojo!