Interview with Grandmaster

Grandmaster Wang Fu-Lai graciously offered to be videotaped answering several of the most common questions from students. You can see a translation of his answers below.

1. What kind of health benefits can a student expect from practicing the Cheng Ming system of internal arts in the short term and the long term?
Practicing Cheng Ming internal martial arts can help students feel stronger and healthier. Our martial arts system also helps the Ch’i circulation become smoother and deeper. It can also help the harmony for all internal organs.
The beginner can feel this kind of benefit immediately, but the longer term students will feel these benefits much more deeply.
2. Are there any personal benefits that Grandmaster received early in his martial arts practice helped motivate him to keep practicing?
This answer is related to the first question. Practicing will not only help you to be more physically healthy, but can also help your emotional health.
For example, I found practicing helped me control my temper. This was one of my biggest motivations to keep practicing when I started.
3. What makes the Chen Ming system different from other martial art systems?
I want to emphasize that there are no bad side effects to practicing Cheng Ming internal martial arts. You will feel the positive benefits of practicing this system.
Also, being part of the Cheng Ming system is like being part of a family which will make people who join this system feel happy.
There are many more things, but we just have a short time to cover a few.
4. What is one of the most important things for students of the Cheng Ming system to know about the Lineage of Masters?
The concept of respect for your ancestors and teachers is extremely important. If you do not know your teacher, how can you learn?
Just as we want to know our parents and grandparents, we want to know our master and grandmaster, because there is a connection of philosophy and lineage there.
When people ask you your kung fu lineage, you should be able to name them. You can feel very proud of them because they are well-known.
My teacher is Grandmaster Wang Shu-Jin, and his teacher’s teacher was Zhang Zhao-Dong, and the Grand Grand Grandmaster is Liu Chi Lan. All these teachers are very well-known and are recognized and respected for their martial art and I feel very proud of this system.
So you can feel proud to have the chance to learn the martial art system of these great teachers. It is a great treasure to learn this system.