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Japan Relief Effort

Many thanks for the generous support of the Japan Relief Effort. We raised $3,791.04 for the 1st benefit in April and received thank you notes from the Consulate General of Japan.

The 2nd benefit raised $2,444 for Ookuma-town in Fukushima and was sent on July 25. Residents in Ookuma-town moved to 6 shelters and now they are going to start a new life in Aizu-Wakamatsu city. Our donation of $2,444 will help 3 families to move to a new home.

Thank you notes from the Consulate General of Japan and Mayor of Ookuma-town are up on our bulletin board in the dojo.

Kath Weston Interview

Kath Weston, a two-year student at Hiromi T’ai Chi, answers some questions about her practice and experience with the school.

1.  How did you begin doing T’ai Chi?

I used to watch people doing T’ai Chi in the park back when I was a graduate student living in San Francisco.  The power and beauty of the practice intrigued me, so when I found out that a local YMCA was offering a class, I decided to try it. I loved it, but I didn’t pursue it at the time because I moved to another city. After that I focused on learning Qigong, a sort of moving meditation that works with the breath, which Continue reading

Tai Chi Is Grace

by Elizabeth Mastropierro

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung have truly been blessings to my life. I began practicing both while going to school for acupuncture and Chinese medicine over 10 years ago. They were both required courses, and I looked forward to learning them. We started with T’ai Chi the first semester. The class was at 7:30 a.m. 3 days a week, before a full day of intense classes. Many of my classmates grumbled at having to start class so early in the morning, but I always looked forward to it. I felt it helped oil the works of my brain and the rest of my body to get ready Continue reading

Dojo Rental

Our spacious training center is available for compatible activities such as meditation or Yoga. It is a wide open room (1400 sq ft) with a high ceiling and a bamboo floor.

Our dojo is also ideal for workshops and weekly meetings. The space is available for $50 per hour. 30 chairs, plus mats and screens are included with the hourly rental rate, if needed. Discounts are available for any single event longer than four hours. Discounts are also available for multiple events paid in advance.

Please email for times of availability and to view or reserve the space.